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SR30 pyranometer

SR30 is the first internally ventilated and heated pyranometer in the world. Thanks to this technology, the sensor is much less susceptible to dew and frow deposition, ensuring a substantial increase of measurement availability compared to traditional sensors.

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Product development

SR30 was my most important project for the past two years. As projectmanager and design engineer, I worked on the development of the sensor from the first idea to the productrelease. We worked in a multidisciplinary team, starting with an idea and a proof-of-principle prototype which worked quite well. After the first prototype, more followed and all were extensively tested and evaluated to improve on the design.

Now, SR30 is released and used worldwide for meteorological measurements and PV monitoring purposes. 

Applications & testing

The sensor works very well in extreme conditions, for example at the Sonnblick Observatory in the Austrian alps, at 3100 m. height. A unit is tested at this moment at Sonnblick, follow the link to look at the Sonnblick webcam. The SR30 is positioned in the lower left corner of the observation deck.

Closer to home, an SR30 is tested at Cabauw by the Dutch KNMI. Especially on clear mornings in spring, when a lot of dew is deposited, the SR30 is much less (usually not at all) affected. Data of this test is updated live on the website of the KNMI Pyranometer comparison.


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Sonnblick webcam

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