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Jelle Joustra

Research & Design


Composite materials offer high quality and endless opportunities for product design. However, recovery at the end of use is still a challenge. A challenge that can be addressed by anticipating for reuse and recycling in the early stages of new product design. My research focuses on identifying Circular strategies and design aspects for products containing composite materials in a Circular Economy.


Product design integrates knowledge from various domains and perspectives. This includes working principles, manufacturing technology, and stakeholders along the product lifecycle. In my product designs, I aim to find those optimal solutions. To support athletes, scientists and the occasional musician to get the most out of their work.

Jelle Joustra (Msc.) does his PhD research at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of TU Delft on design strategies for composite products in a Circular Economy. The research is embedded in the Horizon2020 project Ecobulk, which brings together partners from industry and academia to close the resource loop for composite materials.

Current research includes the End-of-Life scenarios for wind turbine blades and design evaluation of products in the automotive, furniture and building industry. Building on his research and experience in product development, he will translate the findings into strategies for the initial design of composite products.

As a hobby, he makes kite aerial photographs: photo’s where the camera is lifted with a kite to get a high vantage point. When wind and weather allow, this creates great pictures of the landscapes, so check out the photo gallery!