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Ventilation unit

Cut out view of VU01 and SR20

Cut-out view of the VU01 with solar sensor SR20 inside.

The VU01 is designed as an accessoire to Hukseflux’ radiation sensors and can be used to improve the data availability and measurment accuracy of solar radiation measurements. Dew or frost can obscure the sensor’s domes and thereby decrease the data availability. The VU01 prevents formation of dew by applying an airflow over the sensor. If needed, the airflow can be heated to prevent frost formation. The footprint if the ventilation unit was kept as small as possible, to reduce the risk of snow building up on the sensor.

VU01 in snow
De VU01 is designed to match the Hukseflux brand image and production facilities. Prototypes were built and tested during the development process. The VU01 was introduced to the market in 2014 and has found many applications across the globe. For example in solar energy farms and meteorolgical stations.