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Ecobulk progress reports

Project Ecobuk aims to demonstrate a Circular Economy for products containing composite materials. Together with partners from industry and knowledge institutes across Europe, we re-design case products from automotive, building and furniture sectors. The progress on development of circular design strategies and demonstrator products is presented in the following deliverables. These can all be downloaded from the Ecobulk project page.

D2.1 Report on baseline description

The deliverable brings an overview of the EcoBulk consortia knowledge on the current design considerations, materials choices, value chain, and end users of the selected baseline products/components. The work performed represents an essential starting point for establishing and evaluating future improvements with respect to the current state of the art. Download report D2.1

D2.2 Design strategies and tools

This report sets out a framework of design strategies to use when developing composite products for a circular economy and describes the initial outcomes of the task 2.2 “Development of design strategies & tools” of the EcoBulk project. Download report D2.2

D2.3 Material and manufacturing process selection criteria

The main objective of this deliverable is to support the adoption of product design for the circular economy by European manufacturing organizations (including composite manufacturers) in the early stages of design, notably addressing design for modularity, durability, re- manufacturing and re-cycling through material and manufacturing process selection. Download report D2.3

D2.4 Report on Design Circular Framework Setting

This deliverable will set design requirements that make products more easily repairable and longer-lasting. Besides, it will ensure that the materials and components of a product can be more easily re-used, refurbished and recycled, and finally, it will ensure that products are free of hazardous or problematic substances, which can hamper re-use or recycling efforts. Download report D2.4

D2.5 Connection and fastener Toolbox

The Fastener Finder was created for D2.5, for designers to compare all fasteners on all properties. The Fastener Finder shows engineering information, lifecycle costs and circularity properties, which makes it possible to find the most environmental and economical fastening solutions for any particular problem. Download report D2.5