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Offshore wind farm decommissioning

A significant part of wind energy in the Netherlands is generated by offshore wind farms at sea. In the coming decades, the number of wind farms will be scaled up in line with current energy transition and sustainability objectives. What happens to these wind turbines when they reach the end of their operational life? What volumes of material are involved? How can we prevent an adverse impact of this dismantling on the environment? What forms of economic activity may result from this removal task?

Research report on offshore wind farm decommissioning, download from Smartport

This report provides an overview the activities and challenges of offshore windfarm decommissioning. First, we provide and overview of challenges involved with offshore windfarm removal. Then, we quantify the resulting material flows and timing for the North Sea region. These activities are related to involved stakeholders and economic opportunities. Finally, we evaluate the impacts of developments in offshore wind farm technology on future decommissioning.

This research was a joint effort of TNO and TU Delft, commissioned by Smartport, Innovation Quarter and the province of Zuid Holland. The full report can be downloaded from Smartport